I was late to the swim lessons and pool mom life. Thank goodness that South Carolina public schools make sure that every 2nd grader gets swim education, or this story would never have happened. In a positive light, the tale I will tell you today happens precisely because I/we…
An Enneagram Father's Day Essay
When Former You is AMAZED at Now You
A Little Story About Water and a Miracle
Divorce and Other Things We Make Faces About
A 3 Part Essay on Grand Gestures and Parenting
I was twenty, lying on the stage in the blackbox theatre at my college. It was a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, I think. The building was quiet, and all…
Welcome to #whatshesaid by me, Shannon Ivey. Shannon Ivey is a storyteller, writer, coach, mama to Zoe, and general curious sort of person. She lives in…
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